Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ink Drawing of Rocks and Tree

Life is skipping along at a prodigious rate.  I have been saving some special art work for those times when I need to take a breath.


The artist is "Remus", custodian of The Woodpile Report.
Remus is an excellent artist.  He is a bit cagey about where he lives.  I understand.  Really I do. I have it narrowed down though.  My guess is he lives within 200 miles of zipcode 37620.

If that is true, then you can accurately deduce the species of the tree that fell across the creek.  You can also guess the age and the habitat (i.e., trees per acre and exposure).  That is a tribute to Remus's virtuosity as an artist.

It should also be a cautionary note for just how much information that gets embedded in even the most casual of photographs.  That information is just sitting out there for any observant person to extract.

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