Monday, October 23, 2023

"Would you kill another human to save your child's life?"

 Not every mother said "Yes!"


  1. I cannot think of any animal where the mother would not kill, and usually even put her own life at risk to save her baby. Kinda shows how far we have gone from the simple precepts of nature when these women say "No" and especially when they will kill their own just for the sake of convenience. ---ken

  2. Defective people. Modern civilization has allowed numerous defective people to survive and reproduce. And our society is weaker from this.

  3. Some folks just can't put their hands to violence, for any reason. Civilized, but need to be sheltered to survive. Others are just too cowardly, they don't dare leave the 'victim' zone. This doesn't mean that they aren't nasty gits, just that they won't fight and kill first-hand.

  4. Put them IN the situation and those answers will change...

    1. But, will it change QUICKLY enough to save their child's life?

    2. Probably not. The killer already knows what it is going to do. Thus mom starts behind with a poor mind set and preparation.

  5. Threaten my kid and you better have your affairs in order.

  6. those broads have them some die versity..

  7. Netflix is the devil.

  8. Early 90's USN Lt. retired and moved back to home county.
    Just outside the city I worked for.
    His daughter got a divorce and moved home with granddaughter.
    Known Meth dealer up the road lived with dad and terrorized the neighborhood with his behavior and muscle car.
    Deputies had responded numerous times but no proactive enforcement.
    Lt saw md almost run the kids over on their bicycles.
    Called deputies, no action.
    MD drove to Lt's house, banged on door and said if he ever called deputies again he would accidentally run over granddaughter.
    MD got into his car to leave but took a .45 to the face before he could get it into reverse.
    Lt panicked went several hundred yards down a ditch and hid the gun under some rocks.
    He called to report a dead MD in his yard, he didn't wash his hands or change shirts so of course there was gunshot residue and splatter.
    He got 15 years, did 7, lost his house to the lawyers and wife divorced him.
    Do what you need to do, but for God's sake and your own THINK.

  9. 1) I couldn't imagine a "Hollywood" company making this kind of movie 20 years ago. I'm not quite sure how to describe what would possibly want people to view this film
    2) Based on how they carry themselves, 20%-25% of interviewees are full on freaks. Another 40% look/sound like trash.

    My God, these are the "breeders" of today?
    We are finished.
    Nothing I can do to help turn this, ship of the damned, around. We're surrounded and outnumbered. Call in an artillery barrage, these coordinates

  10. Yes. Next question.


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