Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Idle threats


Biden told Organized Labor "I don't work for you." in 2020.

Organized Labor injects mountains of money into Biden's party and represents about 10% of the voters. Muslims represent less than 1% of the voters and because they are not forced to pay "dues" they donate significantly less per-voter than Organized Labor.

Biden told Organized Labor to pound sand and he still got elected. It was almost as if he could conjure up however many votes he needed at-will.

For those reasons, Muslim voters threatening to withhold donations and votes are unlikely to get much traction with Biden.


  1. It's not what BuyMe Biden thinks but what his HANDLERS care about.

    From observed data they are rabid Greenies (thus no cares about Labor), Anti-white (Or pro-diversity whatever tern floats your boat) Anti-Gun ownership (OUTSIDE THEIR Troops having them) and Socialists.

    The Muslims *might* be a group currently coddled.

  2. The elections will permanently be rigged unless there are arrests and punishment.

  3. The Democrats told the whole American nation to pound sand and their electoral fraud machine still maneuvered them into offices across the country.


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