Thursday, October 26, 2023

Storage unit auctions

Hi Point 9mm Carbine. Selling price of $195 Auctioneer website

Sears model 200 shotgun $115

Manhattan Arms SxS 12 gauge, $195

Mossberg 500 $170

SIG 229 $270

If you are keeping precious things in a storage unit, make sure you keep up-to-date on your payments.

Because you might get tied up or bonked on the head, make sure you have a back-up person lined up to retrieve the goodies BEFORE it goes to auction.

If you are looking for something to ballast your canoe, these are the kind of firearms the kids call "Fudd Guns", that is, older technologies, less fashionable calibers, economy or "house-brand" models, dowdy furniture. They tend to be available at reasonable prices. Let the buyer beware as some might not be safe to fire.

And before you ask, nope...I did not buy any of these firearms. If things get sporty I intend to go magnet fishing from a bridge across the river.

Winchester 670 in 30-06 $270


  1. ERJ, one of the (many) reasons I have never had such a thing.

    That said, given our current economic situation, I suspect in some locations this may become a regular event. In our current place (New Home) it feels as if they are throwing up storage facilities as quickly as they are apartments.

  2. Buy the Hi-Point and destroy it; you'll be performing a public service.

    1. I got free warranty service from Hipoint. I managed to stupidly destroy the rear sight the day after I bought the gun. My 9mm inspired my daughter to buy the .45 ACP version. These PCCs shoot 2 inch groups at 25 yards. Good for defense up to 100 yards at least. They are inexpensive and they work. I can’t fault them.

  3. Expect to pay double or triple that now due to inflation and demand.

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