Saturday, September 26, 2015

Toaster oven: Follow up

The shelf is the same size as the one the microwave sits on.  The supports were tapered to give the illusion of space efficiency.  Nobody will ever accuse me of being a cabinet maker.
We ended up buying a West Bend 74106. Our local Menards (a Big-Box store) had them for $59.99. has them for $147.59.  That is an incredible spread.

Mrs ERJ is OK with the size as long as I built a shelf above the microwave oven.  Done!  I am happy that I had all the "makings" at hand.  Scrap 2-by-4s, deck screws, finishing nails, wood glue, luan ply...

A couple of observations regarding this particular unit:
  • The switch is mis-wired.  The upper heating element heats up when the switch is turned to "bottom heat" and vice versa.  That may be the reason for the excellent price: Sometimes a seller will discount a known, "soft" defect suspecting that customers will be happy to work around if after they saved almost $100.
  • The top-exterior of the unit heats up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit when the unit is set set to 450 degrees/convective.
  • The top of the control panel with the dials heats up to 127 degrees F, which is uncomfortably warm, under the same conditions.
  • The power cord is only about two feet long.
Our family is in the process of downsizing with Belladonna off to college.  We peaked out at two adults and four kids.  We are down to two adults and one kid.

One picture in my head is to cook in the garage during the hottest days of the summer.  It is stupid to heat up the house and then pay money for air conditioning.  This gives us one more option.


  1. Yep, sounds like that is why it was discounted...

  2. If you had bought a South Bend, you could have turned a profit!
    (sorry, bad machinist joke).

    240F on the exterior? Hmm.. that sounds awfully high.

  3. My dad wanted me to be a machinist. I researched the trade and decided that it would be hard to make much money when you can train dogs to do the job.

    You can kick a dog and he will make a bolt for the door.

    That explains more about the management philosophy of machine shops than wage structure of the trade.

  4. Yep, sounds like that is why it was discounted...