Sunday, September 27, 2015

Measuring temperatures

It is amazing what $16 can buy.

Yup, it has plenty of range.  The diameter of the target is 1/12th the distance between the thermometer and the work piece.

You can click to embiggen.  The display shows 252 degrees F.  This thermometer has back-light display capability which is handy in dim places.

More problematic is the oven immediately adjacent to the adjustment knobs.  The knobs were below 100F.  The back plate, where your finger tips might brush, were 144F.  For me, discomfort starts at 110 F when holding metal objects.  One issue might involve diabetics or people who lack sensation in their extremities....they might unknowingly burn themselves.

Part of the problem is lack of venting near the front of the unit.  Cooling air convects along the back but there is nothing directing it toward the front.  I imagine the designers wanted to limit exposure to connections and bare wiring.  That exposure could be spilled liquids or curious children with bent wires.  That heat cannot be doing the plastic parts in the switches any good.


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