Thursday, September 3, 2015

A few pictures from the garden


Raccoon damage.
They knock over and destroy ten times as much as they eat.  There are a bunch of corn stalks stomped down flat all through the patch.
A few ears are starting to dry down.  I picked a couple to dry for seed just-in-case.
The guys at coffee suggested that I feed them soda pop.  For some reason that seems to diminish their appetite for corn.  One of the guys has a scientific bent.  He told me that the raccoons around his place preferred Red Pop to Coke Classic by a ratio of 3-to-1.

Read as much, or as little, into the relationship between soda pop and future appetite as you want.

Purple pole beans

As always, you can click to embiggen.

Approach grafts

Two of the eight approach grafts I made on July 28 are showing signs of life.  Apple leaves are in upper left corner and are frosty green in color.

Apple squisher to extract seeds

This is pretty high tech so you might want to take notes.
Left over scrap lumber from building Kubota's loft.  Bottom piece (reddish) is a 36 inch long piece of Douglas fir 2-by-6.  Top piece is a 2-by-4.
An old hinge.
An old screen door handle.
And a screw run into the base to prevent over-travel of the top piece. The goal is to crush the fruit, not smash the seeds.
You might want to sit at a picnic table and wear a swim suit when you use this tool.  You are likely to get juicy.


  1. When our sweet corn was being ravaged, I asked my (now 97 1/2 year old) farmer neighbor what I ought to do. He suggested putting out "fly bait" on an old metal pan.

    It turned out that the varmints were skunks. Don't let your pets get out there, though.

    1. Nearly every feed store and elevator has an old guy or three who will give you that shifty-eyed look and beckon you in close. And they will tell you pretty much the same thing.

      As you alluded to, the heartburn with poisons is that they are not very selective. Another issue is the impact they have on carrion eaters and on opportunistic predators. Most folks won't miss a few coyotes

      However, knocking off raptors is not only counter productive (talking about poisoning rodents) but the Federal folks take a pretty dim view of the act as well.

      Like most things in life, it is a balancing act. Yes, it is a crime to go "off label" with poison. It is also against the law to drive one mile per hour over the speed limit.

      Be an adult. Be responsible. Research. Pay attention. Do what you have to do but be as smart and as small-footprint as you can.


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