Sunday, September 20, 2015


I am susceptible to all excuses for not exercising.  The weather is bad.  The gym is too far away.  I am BORED with my routine.

The flip side is that I am easily encouraged and I have few inhibitions about trying new things.

My motivation lit up when Belladonna told me she was hitting the gym.  She also noted that some of the guys there are huge.  Belladonna also shared that she ran two miles.  She claimed it traumatized her, but I could hear the pride in her voice.

I have enough testosterone to want to run with the big boys.  I decided I needed to step up my game.

Foreground: bags of marble chips and scale.  Background: a daypack.  These marble chips run 4 pounds to the quart.
I used to work with a weight lifter who was "thick".  I asked him how he got that way.  He told me that you cannot hurt yourself if you stick with weights you can lift ten times.  His advice was to start low and add weight until you can barely manage ten reps.  Work a circuit and try to get in at least three sets of ten reps each workout.

For the most part, I like the simplicity of "body weight" based exercises and I like the privacy and convenience of exercising in my home.  Forty pounds of marble chips cost $4.35 and the backpack is a leftover.

I used his theory to add resistance to my push-up routine.  I needed 4 bags (32 pounds) plus the weight of the daybag to bring my "reps" down to ten.

I am going to need another plan pretty soon.  The bag is not very happy about holding 32 pounds of rocks.  Any pointers from my readers will be much appreciated.


  1. You could ruck march/jog with the weight.

  2. You could ruck march/jog with the weight.

  3. Tactical tailor makes some really tough backpacks. For only $60 to $100, you can get a really tough backpack to hold your $4 worth of rocks.