Monday, September 28, 2015

Don't Feed the Trolls

A masochist and a sadist found themselves stuck on a stalled elevator together.

The masochist turned to the sadist and said "Hurt me!"

Slowly, comprehension dawned in the sadist's eye.  After thinking another second she replied, "No.  I don't think I will."

Belladonna was home for the weekend.  She is getting schooled on the range of humans that exist.

One of Belladonna's new dorm mates is a prima donna, a drama queen, attention whore, diva.....take your pick.

The dorm mate hurls out incendiary , provocative comments.  This works particularly well when texting because texting is bereft of all tonality and body language.  Then the dorm mate does the victim's swoon when others respond.  Belladonna is of an age where she has the idealistic belief that all stupidity should be addressed.

This girl has been eating Bella for lunch.


We worked on the Pontiac Salute.  The Pontiac Salute is a shrug and "Whatever" delivered with absolute apathy, completely devoid of energy or interest.  It was coined by workers at the Pontiac Assembly Plant.  It is verbal judo, the linguistic equivalent of bullfighting....the matador is not behind the fact, there is no matador.  Bella needs to affect less concern than she would show when informed that the price of kimchi in Busan dropped 0.7% overnight.

This is where a rich vocabulary is valuable.  She needs to radiate ennui (God bless the French and their highly developed lexicon for "attitude") when this girl is throwing harpoons.  Bella needs to emote tedium when the girl is jerking the gaff.

All evidence suggests that Belladonna's dorm mate is energized by strife.  She feeds on attention.  The fog of apathy will starve the behavior.  Likely she will go elsewhere to get her "fix".  Even a diva cannot sieve nourishment from fog.

It pleased me that I was able to share useful things I learned during my work life.


  1. Indeed, don't feed the trolls. When I met MIlady, I was a street cop and she was an acute-care RN. Neither of us needed drama in our personal lives because we had so much real drama in our professional lives.

    I do drama very well, and so does my gal, but we don't let it intrude on our personal space. When kids or acquaintances start drama, we tell them "Take yo' drama to yo' mamma."

  2. Probably a MUCH better option that popping the diva one and telling her to STFU! :-)

  3. Probably a MUCH better option that popping the diva one and telling her to STFU! :-)


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