Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday; Spring Break, 2015

Our plan is to alternate busy days and recovery days.  Today was a "busy" day.

We went to Cabelas in Dundee, Michigan.

Validating my "bumpkin" credentials, I was impressed by the bathroom fixtures.  Running water!!!

The finish carpentry and the housekeeping was not world class, however.  Joints like this one were typical.
A few of these around the fridge would certainly put a damper on those midnight visits to finish off the icecream.

Incredible amounts of floorspace and money was devoted to taxidermy displays.  There is a musk ox calf at the feet of the third ox from the right in the bottom picture.
Prices were a bit on the stiff side.

The boys were impressed by the flat farmland west of Dundee.  It was likely at the bottom of Lake Erie at some point in history.

We stopped at Hidden Lake Garden and hunted for antler sheds.  Gerry gave us some tips as to where to look.  I was surprised to find several specimens of Limber Pine (P. flexis) doing well in Michigan. Limber Pine is one of the "Pine Nut" species.  We found some deer hair but no sheds.

We rounded out our evening by eating too much at Bob Evans restaurant and then seeing a movie, Beyond the Mask.

Gratuitous German Shepherd picture

The flash blued his eyes.

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