Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Listening to the spaces between the notes

I have two posts in draft.  I like neither one of them.  They will be deleted.  All 1800 words.

Negativity sucks.  It is like gravity. It is everywhere.  In fact, negativity is worse than gravity because it comes in waves.

Bloggers who are more capable that I have been sucked into it.  Roberta X dropped her comments after she was baited into non-productive dialog.

So I am pulling a mulligan today.  No intellectually stimulating essays on cheating or corruption, or medical billing.

Life is good

The sun is shining.

I took a three mile walk with Mrs ERJ.

I planted acorns in the tree nursery.  Q. accutissima, Q. macrocarpa (Idaho Sweet), Q. rubra, Q. michauxii, and some chestnuts C. mollisima.

I also planted some acorns from the oak tree (Q. robur) Mrs ERJ and I planted the year we were married.  Not surprisingly, we call this our "Wedding Oak".  I know that I have seedlings from this tree on our property but I cannot definitively point at any one tree and say, "That one!"  Mrs ERJ has been steadfast in her desire to have some link back to that tree.  Given the randomness of highway departments and property transfers, it seems like sooner is better than later.

The acorns were in rough shape.  They had dried out during storage.  But some of the 150 (or so) acorns that I planted had small root tips protruding.  I think we are finally going to make this happen.

I marked the rows with pink flags.  They are just north of the row of Bud 118 cuttings.

Mayhaw graft starting to push buds.  Scion wood courtesy of Lucky in Kentucky.

I also grafted a couple of our yard trees with scion wood from our Wedding Oak.

The tree itself is special in no particular way except it is intimately connected to our first year of marriage.  Happy times.  VERY happy times.

Planting seeds fills me with hope and joy.  I wish the same for all of my readers.

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  1. Yep, we ALL have those days... And you're right sometimes the delete key IS the best option! :-)


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