Sunday, April 5, 2015

A heartfelt "Thank-you" to my friends who are Jews

Many bloggers, writers and theologians who are far more gifted than I am, covered the fact that today is when Western Christians celebrate Easter  (The Eastern or "Orthodox" church will celebrate Easter on April 12, 2015)

I want to look in a slightly different direction.  I want to thank my friends who are Jewish.

I have two reasons.  One is the obvious reason, "...salvation is of the Jews."

The other reason I want to thank my Jewish friends is because of the example you have shown under oppression.  In short, you listened to the angels and you rekindled from the remnant.


The word "diaspora" is associated with the Jewish people.  It is usually used in reference to the Roman diaspora.  That occurred when the Roman empire squashed the ever smoldering rebellion amongst the Jewish people.  They destroyed the Temple and scattered the Sons of Abraham.

That is only one of the many diaspora or scatterings and restarts.

  • Abram left his home and family in Ur after listening to the angels.
  • Noah and the flood.
  • Jacob and his family fled drought and famine.  They settled in Egypt.
  • Moses led a remnant out of Egypt to wander for forty years in the desert. (This is told in the book of Exodus).  Think of floating about the ocean for forty years in a life boat.  Can you imagine a more unforgiving test of rule-sets for living with a diverse group of people?
  • The Babylonian conquest displaced a remnant of the Jewish nation where they lived under oppression.  By virtue of their virtue they thrived.  Upon returning to Israel they found that those who had managed to duck the diaspora had drifted away from the faith.
  • The Roman diaspora
  • The Christian/Spanish inquisition
  • European pogroms
  • Stalin's purges
  • Hitler's "final solution".
And during the times between organized mayhem, Jews were forced to live under the most restrictive of conditions.  In most cases, they were not allowed to own land.

And at every turn, those who remained were those who stayed true to their faith, were receptive to the collective wisdom of their culture, listened to the angels, and moved with haste and purpose when necessary.

God has a sense of humor

One must never doubt that God has a sense of humor.  Every attempt to eradicate Jews as "an inferior race" has made you stronger, wiser and faster on your feet.  Jews are the super race.

Yes, some converted rather than die.  Some converted rather than face economic privation.  DNA testing shows that many of the most successful, gentile families have Jewish roots.  It is probably not a coincidence.  The crumbs from the table of Abraham are cake to the rest of the world.


Thank-you for sharing the one, true God.

Thank-you for sharing a rule-set forged in the fires of forty years of wandering in the desert.

Thank-you for your stories.

Thank-you for your examples of stoicism under trial and for how to behave honorably under duress.

Thank-you for your wisdom and reverence of tested precepts.

Thank-you for your wit and humor.

Thank-you for tirelessly rekindling your civilization from the remnant.

Thank-you for being you.  I pray that I shall leave a legacy as powerful as yours.

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  1. Concur. And yes, he does have a sense of humor!

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  3. And thank you for a most thoughtful and very kind post.

    He does indeed have a sense of humor, after all why would he make the Promised Land the spot in the Middle East without oil?

    Or, as Teyve said: I know, I know. We are Your chosen people. But, once in a while, can't You choose someone else?


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