Monday, January 12, 2015


Dry Erase Board, Topic II


It is a well known fact that the women of our species are more in tune with the subtle cycles and thrumming of the cosmos.

Some observers attribute it to a set of organs that resemble a tuning fork when seen from the front.

Other observers speculate on the existence of a hithertofore undocumented set of organs positioned immediately above the eyeballs.

A third group of observers contend that there must be a third set of organs involved, as a women's exquisite sensitivity to environmental cues continues past the adolescent years when the above-the-eyeballs organs are most frequently consulted and continues even after the tuning fork is removed for medical reasons.

When women are asked about the disparity in sensitivity they generally consult with the above-the-eyeball organs before responding, "Men just don't pay attention."  Anecdotal evidence is clearly the weakest form of scientific evidence.   This blog deals with science, and while there may be the tiniest kernel of truth in the statement "Men just don't pay attention.", the vast body of evidence suggests that other, more mysterious factors are at play.


The women of the family informed me that it was time to let Zeus out of the cage.  Being an intelligent, peace-loving, semi-domesticated male, I quickly agreed.  After all, women know these things.

We have two German Shepherds and a Boston Terrier.  Hercules, the older German Shepherd sleeps in Belladonna's room.  He has a "crate" that he sleeps in but the door is left open.  Slightly before Belladonna's alarm clock goes off, Herc leaves his crate and lies down next to Bella.  He lays his head in the crook of her arm so she can pet him. Bella says it is a very pleasant way to greet the day.

The Boston Terrier remains crated all night.  He is not hydraulically reliable.  His favorite targets are the kitchen stove and my gun safe.  He could not have chosen two immobile objects closer to my heart.  The Boston Terrier even has a "gack-worthy", synthetic name, "Smuggles".  He will always spend every night in his crate with the door secured.

The third dog, Zeus, is still a puppy.  Zeus is already a bigger dog than Herc, much to Herc's dismay.  Zeus is blocky where Herc is whippy. Zeus also shows much curiosity.  He is into everybody's business which endlessly aggravates Herc.

Zeus is still growing into his body, but he is already VERY reliable from a hydraulic standpoint.

The women of the family told me it was time to let him have the run of the house at night.  I do not question.  Their reasons would be opaque to me, anyway.  I can change.  I guess.  If I have to.

I admit that it feels right to let Zeus have the run of the house.  A dog that can go and investigate incongruities does not bark nearly as much.  If somebody were to invade our house, Zeus could do more than bark....and die as a caged victim.  Zeus could alert us while defending himself.  And I bet he would put some serious hurt on the bad-guy.

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  1. LOL, I think it's ALL driven by 'hydraulics' if you would... :-)