Friday, January 23, 2015

Laid-back Friday

Belladonna took me out to breakfast this morning.  I was a good boy.  I ordered oatmeal with cran-raisins.

I repaired a couple of cheap "promo" shovels that I bought this spring.  The manufacture used a couple of brads instead of a single, through rivet to attach the head to the handle.  The taper of the head flexed and spit out the brads.

I drilled a through hole and used an annealed, 16d nail as a rivet.  I did not smash the free end but used a hammer and anvil to bend the free end over.  It HAS to be better than the two brads.

Worn out by all the heavy work, I fit nap into my schedule.  

Tonight I get to watch a high school basketball game.

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