Monday, January 12, 2015

Expeditious Recipes


This is the time of year when bloggers stay inside and sulk.  We cook bean pots, beefy stews, gumbos and cornbread to ward off the melancholy vapors of the season.

Frankly, I am not in the same zipcode as Brigid, Roberta, Pawpaw or Tanker in terms of cooking ability.  So rather than compete with them I will publish recipes from my own, lonely niche: The Industrial Cook.


Did you ever receive a phone call from an ex-girlfriend at 4:30 PM Valentine's day?  She is in the neighborhood and wants to pop in for a visit.

Or perhaps you have some ankle-biters showing up that you conveniently forgot about.

The following recipe is extremely versatile.  It is fast, easy and uses a minimum number of ingredients that you are likely to have on-hand.  This is a recipe that shows them just how much you care!


Cap from the cinnamon pressed into top of toaster pastry to define top of heart.

Use a knife to nibble away any parts that the top does not cleanly cut away.

The toaster pastry is less likely to fragment if it is slightly warmed.  Trim the sides to look nice.

The shapes are limited only by your imagination and the steadiness of your hand.

Ready for the (microwave) oven.  I would give them about 30 seconds.
Best of all, you made them by hand with real fruit filling and cinnamon!

Picture lifted from the Internet.

Substitutions.  Don't have cinammon?   Your crazy ex-significant-other might have left some med bottles you can use in lieu of cinnamon.  Improvise.  Overcome.  Adapt.

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