Tuesday, January 27, 2015



verb - To make soothing sounds without saying anything

noun - A male bee that does no work but lives a life of luxury off the efforts of others.  A male of any species with similar attributes.

Elephant Graveyard:

noun - An ancient myth in which all elephants unerringly go to a secluded, protected place to die.

One picture that ties all three definitions together.

This device was found on the White House lawn.

All joking aside

There are parts of the world where drones are seen as instruments of political oppression,  a symbol that stands for political assassinations.  In a word, the 2015 equivalent of the Roman crucifixion. 

So does that make crashing a drone on the lawn the 2015 equivalent of burning crosses?  It makes you think.


  1. Actually the correct term is Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), drones were military targets to be shot at by ships and shore stations... :-)

    1. I learn something every day.

      Still, landing a UAV on the lawn could be intimidating considering the circumstances. The sword can cut both ways.

    2. Oh yeah, no question... :-)

    3. Oh yeah, no question... :-)