Friday, January 2, 2015

Signed up the family at the gym

Mrs ERJ, Kubota and I trekked up to the gym above the hospital and signed up for three months.

One of the questions on the form was "Are you more than twenty pounds overweight?"  Looking around, being overweight is the default and it would be more efficient to identify the exceptions who are not more than twenty pounds overweight.

BMI (Body Mass Index) is the prevailing way of defining "Overweight" and "Obesity".  BMI is gravely flawed because it is blind to body composition.

According to his BMI, Tim O'Malley is morbidly obese.
I will never look like Tim, but I want to lose 30 pounds and want to change another ten pounds of fat into muscle.  "Trainers" are included with the gym package and they will gladly take skin fold (body fat %) measurements.  I would love to get to 15%-to-20% body fat. 

Incidentally, here is a pretty cool calculator for estimating body fat.  Working backwards from this I will need to lose 7" off of my waist size as measured at my naval.  This will be a quick-check to track progress between skin-fold checks.

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