Monday, January 5, 2015

Cop Shows

Kubota watched many "cop" shows (("The Glades", "White Collar") over vacation.   We have an house with an open plan so I got to watch them too.

Some things struck me as strange.    Perhaps the strangest thing was that all bad-guys have an accupressure point at the juncture between the top of their spine and the base of their skull that squelches all opposition.

It was nearly universal.  Every big-city, TV cop snuck up on the armed bad-guy and pressed the muzzle of his weapon to this spot and every bad-guy wilted.

I understand that it is far more dramatic and photogenic to do it that way in front of the camera.  But it seems likely to lead to a bad end if the bad-guy read from a different script than the hero.

When hunting White-tail deer, there is an optimum distance for the hunter to position off-the-target.  That optimum distance for muzzle loaders or a good slug gun is between forty and seventy yards.  Close enough to assure a good hit, far enough away so the target is unlikely to hear your heart beating.

My question to my readers, "Is there an optimum distance for the 'take-down' of a violent, armed bad-guy when you have the drop on him?"  My guess is that the distance will change based on the location of escape routes for the bad-guy and the location of cover/concealment for the good-guys.

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  1. "My" optimum would be close enough to assure a good hit, far enough away so the target is unlikely to be able to get to me. e.g. 21 feet...