Sunday, January 18, 2015

Short School Weeks

I rarely follow things to their logical conclusion because it causes too much scar tissue for all parties involved.

Consider conversations regarding short school weeks.  I have been assured by professional educators that kids learn almost as much in a four day week as in a five day week.  By Friday, most kids are very "done" with school.

During those conversations I helpfully suggested that perhaps they learn 80% as much in a four day school week as in a five day school week.  Teachers who are not math or science teachers will often eagerly embrace this estimate.  The comment also earns me a quick, sharp nudge in the shins from Mrs ERJ.

The math and science teachers are a little harder to land.  They will contend, "No. It is more like 95% of what they would learn in a five day week."  This pronouncement is generally made with smug and condescending smiles.

A thoughtful frown clouds Mr ERJ's face (motivated, no doubt by the increasing crescendo of 'nudges' upon his shins), "Well, golly, since they learn so much more during shorter weeks, then all days off should be on Wednesday so they can have the benefit of two short 'weeks' where they will be fresh and eager learners."

Then, with arched eyebrows and an expression of excited discovery, "Wait....we should abolish five day school weeks and replace them with a double-two day week (skipping Wednesday)!  Of course, to get the required number of school days and contact hours they will have to attend year round. I mean, it is like you keep saying, it is all for the children."

Mrs ERJ and I seem to get invited to a lot fewer parties than we used to.  And she is OK if I don't attend teacher conferences.  But I do seem to be more prone to shin splints when running than I used to be.

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