Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Eating Algae

I spent most of my formative years avoiding green foods.  It had been my experience that food that had turned green and furry did not taste as good as the food that was not green.  Nothing was wasted when growing up in a large, rowdy family.  Green, furry food is that cat's meow for binding to open, supperating wounds.  It is very absorbent.

These are green pills that I approve of!

Mrs ERJ does much better when she eats green foods.  It may be the placebo effect or the Hawthorne effect.  We no longer discuss it.  She does not try to get me to eat green foods.  I ignore the little green pills.

Little Green Pills

Chlorella: Super Food of the Orient
I really don't want to know how much these cost.  The important thing is that they make her happy.

Pollution in China

 Pictures from Zerohedge.  Hat tip to Coyote Blog.

Fishermen row a boat in the algae-filled Chaohu Lake

Algae bloom

These fish might dispute the life prolonging effects of algae...if they were still alive.
I think I will stick with the M&Ms.

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