Saturday, January 24, 2015

I learned something about Craigslist

I reposted the Craigslist ad for my neighbor who is selling firewood.  I went into Craigslist to double check....and I could not find the ad!

Then I noticed that the default sort (in the upper, right corner) was set to "relevant".  I switched it to "newest" and the ad showed up.  Switched it back to "relevant" and it disappeared.

What a puzzler.

I finally got it to show up with the default "relevant" sort after adding "firewood" in the body of the ad in addition to the title.  While I was at it I also added "fire wood" because the search in Craigslist looks for exact word strings.

I learn something new every day.  The trick is to not forget one important thing every day.

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