Sunday, December 7, 2014

You have my permission to laugh

My friends who shoot will be able to instantly deduce the story.  Those who don't shoot....a thousand words will not make it funny.

I was doing load development on some sub-sonic, cast loads.  I want to hunt rabbits with my BG rifles so I can have more trigger time and fast sight acquisition time.  My goal is to dial into 1050 fps which is the speed of sound at 0 degrees F.

I am shooting 170 grain, gas checked bullets.  Before the chronograph jumped up into the line of fire, selflessly sacrificing itself so the target could live, I was getting 950 fps with 7 grains of Unique in the .308 Win.  One of the huge appeals of sub-sonic loads is that they are quiet.

This is a great application to burn up the magnum rifle primers I bought back when it was almost impossible to find anything. 

One complication is that my point of impact at 25 yards is approximately 25 MOA below that of my standard loads.  It is not "just a few clicks" to move between the two.  I am not even sure if my scope has that amount of adjustment.


  1. There are two types of Chrony shooters. Those who have shot their Chrony, and those who will shoot their Chrony. Call Chrony, they're very sympathetic and will send you a new box, pronto. Don't ask me how I know this.


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