Monday, December 22, 2014

Handgunning, down-town style

A few observations from the mugging simulations.

Gangstra style

Picture from HERE

I did not hold the handgun gangstra style.  The only situation where this stance has an advantage is during drive-by shootings on cold winter days when you just cannot get the power windows of your 1978 Aspen down more than 2 inches.


Many manufactures make Jam-bo-matics.  Jennings-Bryco, Jiminez, and Lorcin are some of the choicer offerings.

Down-town, the preferred style of guns are Jam-bo-matics.  The primary advantage of a Jam-bo-matic is the initial purchase price.  You are doing good when your gun only costs twice as much as a box of ammo.

I was firing a single action, .357 Magnum because that is what I had available.  A single action handgun is a poor choice for mugging.  They are long, heavy and slow to reload.  The last point is academic since Jam-bo-matics experience a failure-to-something before requiring a reload.  I suspect there is a market for "loosies".  After all, who needs a full magazine when it will jam before can shoot it that many times.

Body position

I know we were only play acting, but all of the actors chose strong-side, single hand grip, arm fully extended, aiming at head.

The underlying thinking was that the mugger wants to be as far from Mark as possible in case Mark knows any funky Kung-fu moves.  But the mugger want the gun as close to Mark as possible for the intimidation effect (plus lack of confidence in ability to hit the target).

The mugger points the gun at Mark's face....The whole point of using a gun during a mugging is to scare the crap out of Mark and create compliance. A secondary advantage of having Mark staring at that gun is that Mark is not observing the mugger or flanker.  That means the gun needs to be in his face.  All three of volunteers who contributed to the simulation ended up holding the muzzle of the handgun about a foot from Mark's face.

If the mugger is right handed and holding it gangstra style, palm down, recoil will shift his aim toward the buildings.

Not a great percentage shot if Mark takes off.  If the mugger is holding the gun gangstra style then the recoil will really screw up his aim after the first shot.

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