Saturday, December 20, 2014

Oh boy, here we go again (weather).

The last day of school was called on account of ice.  That is somewhat better than last year when the last two days of school were called due to weather conditions.  I drove into town at 10:00AM yesterday and the road was slippery enough that vehicles were sliding off the crown of the road when the drivers touched their brakes.

While running some errands, Mrs ERJ took a spill.  She has a black eye, twisted eyeglasses frame and a very swollen and sore wrist.  She went to the Emergency Room about four hours ago to have her wrist looked at.  This does not bode well.

Picture from Accuweather

Both Accuweather and MLive predict inclement weather for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Time to run an inventory and make a shopping trip.  I know for a fact that we need more dog food and an extra ten gallons of gas will keep us comfortable for a long time if we run the generator in sprints of about a half hour to run the pump, furnace and sump pump with 4 hour shut-down intervals.

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  1. Hope she's okay, and stock up before all the idjits hit the stores...


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