Monday, December 15, 2014

A couple of "Atta-boys"

An "Atta-boy" for Shooting Chrony

I shot my chrony last week and posted about it HERE.

Pawpaw, one of my friends and fellow bloggers wrote the following comment:

There are two types of Chrony shooters. Those who have shot their Chrony, and those who will shoot their Chrony. Call Chrony, they're very sympathetic and will send you a new box, pronto. Don't ask me how I know this.

I have great respect for Pawpaw so I did as he suggested.

A helpful lady named Mandy at Shooting Chrony replied and said that I might qualify for loyalty discount if I sent them proof, i.e., the shot-up chrony.  A check and the corpse of my old chrony are now on the way to Shooting Chrony HQ and I am very happy with the service.

I have no business relationship with Shooting Chrony other than as a customer, so I cannot make any commitments or promises on their behalf.  But the loyalty discount was somewhere in the ballpark of 20%. Your mileage may vary.

An "Atta-boy" for Family Shooters Corral

Family Shooters Corral is my local, public shooting range.  I called Russ Nelson on Monday and asked for  price check on .308 Winchester brass.  Later that day I popped in to buy some.  To my surprise he already had it packaged up.  I took it home and started resizing it.  It took longer than I expected.

Then I counted out the brass.  He gave me 200 rather than the 100 I had requested.

I called him up and we sorted it out.  Apparently there was a second fellow who called up and asked for 200.  Russ counted them out and assumed I was the customer who wanted the 200 pieces. 

He told me to keep the extra.  It is his policy that if he makes a mistake then he would do everything in his power to ensure that his customer does not end up holding the dirty end of the stick.

Family Shooters Corral is not that far from my house.  I took the extras back because I share his attitude about the businesses I patronize and dirty sticks.

Karma is a bitch, but only if you are.

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  1. I remember Russ Nelson and FSC. Geez, it's been forever. Ditto on him being a great guy.


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