Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Prep Basketball

Belladonna's team had their first game.

It was painful.

Eaton Rapids played Haslett.  Haslett has a very athletic team.  Haslett started with a full court press.  Bella told me the coach anticipated the full court press but did not anticipate the intensity.  Haslett dropped the full court press when they were up about 18-to-3.

The final score was 63-to-21.

Bella got about 10 minutes of play time.  She did not have impressive statistics but the girls she was playing against were neutralized, so they did not contribute anything.

I suspect that the team will work on making crisper passes and on the target of those passes being less lackadaisical in working to be open.

It was a tough game but the team will learn from it.

Twenty eight more games to go.

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