Saturday, December 27, 2014

Aches and pains

Kubota and I got a jump on our New Year's resolution.  We went to the local health club, paid our $5 (each) and worked out for an hour.

Kubota did a round of weight lifting and then a half hour on the treadmill.  There may be hope for the boy yet.  He was able to hear my suggestion that he throttle the speed and incline to hit a target heart rate.  He pushed back a little bit when I suggested it but I snuck a peek and the monitor read 165 beats per minute.

Mostly, I ran on the treadmill.  I have been getting out sporadically and running on the local dirt roads.  It still surprises me how much difference running surface makes.   I am nursing aches and pains this afternoon.

In other news

Mrs ERJ paid $1.57/gallon for gasoline.  One of the local grocery stores has a promotion where shoppers earn discounts at a local gas station.  More money spent on groceries translates into larger discounts on gasoline.

The discounts stack.  So Mrs ERJ's van was nearly empty and she had several promotions.  From a monetary standpoint, it makes good sense to do it that way.  From a peace-of-mind standpoint I hate letting the gas tank drop below half full.


Like many families we pad the Christmas gift count by wrapping "necessary" clothing like socks and undies and putting them under the tree.

I have noted a trend in women's undies.  They keep getting smaller and the price tag gets larger.  I do some of the laundry and I have seen shoe laces that were more substantial than some of the "eye patches" that I wash.

I told Belladonna that I was going to buy her some respectable undies.

Pettipants.  Who knew?  I wonder if they are available in Kevlar.
Belladonna has been swatting me every time I get close to her.  She knows that I am trying to figure out what size to get her.

Do you reckon that might be contributing to my aches and pains?

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