Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What drives you?

I sent my pastor a link to an article on the web.  He sent me a return email with a few observations.

I suspect I am a bit of an enigma to him.  He is fairly new to our parish and is still sorting his way through his flock.

He straight up asked, "...what drives you?"

I admire his directness.

THE hiring interview question

"What drives you?" is the quintessential interview question.   It is open ended.  The interviewer learns much by how it is answered...or not answered.

About 65% of the interviewees will rattle off a list of the things that do not motivate them.  While that is easy for interviewee it never truly answers the question. 

Of the remaining 35%, two-thirds will be able to list some activities or incentives that motivate them but fail to tie them together with any kind of unifying theme.

About one-person-in-ten will be able to list three-to-five tasks that motivate them and then be able to use words to show how those tasks are separate manifestations of a single key that unlocks the interviewee's motivational energy.

I did not get the sense I was interviewing for a job but I did take the time to share how I perceive myself.

"What drives you?" is an outstanding question to start out the new year.

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  1. Usually my kidneys... sigh... Seriously, that IS a great question, and one that deserves more than a snap answer.


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