Sunday, September 29, 2013

When REM Sleep is Bad

The family came to a collective decision to step up and maintain the family orchard.  As the designated "Plant" guy, I have a lead role.

I started today.  I tagged the trees that have not been "paying their rent" and they will either be removed, or more likely, topworked to a more suitable variety. 

I talked with Dad and he said that he like Spigold apple for size, flavor, lateness and storage characteristics.


Not being one to put stuff off (at least things I enjoy doing) I went to the orchard today and sprayed Round-up beneath the trees to kill the grass and Poison Ivy.

While spraying, I walked into a low hanging twig.  It funnelled down the canyon between my left eyebrow and nose and buried itself in the corner of my left eye.  Then, being the limber, springy twig that it was it twisted, torqued and corkscrewed into my eye.  If you are saying ""Ouch" you get an A for empathy.

Driving home sucked.

Resting, Ibuprofen, a couple of  doxycycline for good luck.  Doctor in the morning if inflammation does not calm down.

Brave?  No, a brave man would have told his wife that he finished spraying before starting the drive  home.

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