Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sky watching

My Grandpa Jake loved to watch clouds.  He would see horses, turtles, dolphins, sheep....  Mostly I saw clouds.  Grandpa Jake started out life in Westphalia, Michigan but his family moved to Millett, Michigan to break a cycle of alcohol abuse.  He worked nearly all of his adult life as a security officer at large factories but he pined to be a farm boy again.  And farmers watch the weather.

He would have loved this sky.

I took the kids out to my parent's cottage and watched them swim.  A lot of socializing happens in those tribes of kids.

Can you hear the theme from Gilligan's Island playing?  I did.

The kids are there.  Really.  All three under the canoe.

My cold is amping up.  I don't know if it is a "real" cold or if it is a symptom of over-training.

The running is on hold until after I whip this cold.

Today's vocabulary word is
Con-fuzzel:   To willfully take a simple idea and to make it a confusing puzzle.  Eg.  "Dad, you confuzzel me when you try to explain solving of three variable problems by diagonalizing matrices."

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