Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mission Creep

Mission Creep, in the industrial context, is when a maintenance task increases in scope to the point where the pre-task planning no longer comprehends and armors against all hazards.

I find myself in Retirement Mission Creep.

My mission morphed into transporting a person to/from a gym every weekday.  Afterward I have an hour to kill before I pick up Kubota at school.

I need ideas on how to productively fill that hour.

Yesterday I ran four miles and it was a hard four miles.  I had given blood the day before.  I started out slightly dehydrated.  I had water on my run instead of electrolyte.

I am going to try again today with electrolyte and see if that makes it anymore fun.

Garden cover crop:

Expand the picture and see if you can find the white, five gallon bucket.

Need a hint?

It is about mid-way between the photographer and the door of the barn.

Look for the rim.

Daikon and turnips are about ping-pong ball diameter.

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