Sunday, September 8, 2013


I asked Belladonna which service she wanted to attend.  She has been doing that teenager "sleep in" thing.

She opted for the 7:00 PM service at the parish that serves Michigan State University.

It is about 35 minutes away from us which is not a big deal when the sun is shining and the pavement is dry.

We ended up taking Belladonna, Kubota and one of Kubota's friends.

The music (singing, piano, violin, zithers and claves) was good enough to sell tickets. The preaching was inspired.

On the way home all that Kubota and his friend wanted to talk about was all of the spectacullarly beautiful college girls.

As a parent, I was pleased to see so many young people, college students, going to church of their own volition.  That is an inspiring thing for high school and middle school kids to see.

This may sound shallow, but one of the other things about those college kids is that they were not the least bit nerdy, or homely, or cool/disinterested.  Definitely a big vote against the belief that "Only losers go to church."

Note to the pastor of our home church:  We will make it back to our home church.  Someday.

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