Friday, September 27, 2013

Forgetfulness is a sign of old age

I forgot my fanny pack (and camera) when I went into town.  So after dropping off my gym partner,  I swung by where I park at the start of my run, I reset the trip odometer, swung by Quality Dairy (a local convenience store that is a block off my route), picked up a couple of bottles of Powerade and spotted them along my route.  I finished driving around my route and parked in the usual place.

5.0 miles.  Hmmmm!

Obviously I could not cut through the soccer and softball complex but I also did not go through the Church campground and come out behind where I that should be about a wash.

It sounds stupid, but I feel a lot more tired.

Current alternatives to running are to bike and to fish.  Maybe bike on Tuesday and fish on Thursday.  This story is still developing.


My wonderful, younger sister Therese organized an apple picking and cider pressing party for tomorrow.  I dropped off 10 clean grain bags and a tarp.  Cider apples do not need to be treated gently.  One can just shake them down from the tree.  The trees are at my mom and dad's cottage.

I walked the orchard and yellow jackets are going to be a pain.

I don't know if I will get out to help.

I started a jug of hard-cider yeast culture just in case my wonderful sister Therese offers me some.  I took a gallon of store-bought cider (from Quality Dairy, no preservatives!) and added a package of  Red Star Cotes des Blancs wine yeast I found while grubbing around in the freezer.  Yeast can double every 2 hours so a 20 hour head start can result in 1000X more viable yeast cells to out-compete the wild.

I also found some small pistol primers in the deep freeze.  Gotta love freezers.

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