Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lipstick or spark plugs....gonna cost you money

Kubota found himself with a dilemma.

He has a new girlfriend and a new (for him) go-cart.

There is an old saying, "If it wears lipstick or has spark plugs, it is going to cost you money."  The version I first heard has been slightly translated....but I am sure most of my readers have heard something similar.

Mrs ERJ is not happy about the new (first) girl friend.  She did some research and reported back that this girl, supposedly, has kissed every boy in the 8th grade.  I told Mrs ERJ not to worry because it meant that Kubota was the last boy in 8th grade to get kissed.  She was not amused.

Kubota had traded his Ipod for this go-cart frame.  He has been polishing on it.  Lovin' on it.  Spray painting on it.  He tried to fill the tires with air but they quickly went flat.

Kubota's new wheels, riding in the back of Mr Green Jeans

I offered to take the cart to the grain elevator where I buy most of my tires.  He thought that was a dandy idea.  We threw it in the back of the S-10 and I took him with me to show him how these kinds of things are done.

Owen shook his head sadly.  "Dry rot. New tires run $40 a piece."

Driving back I tried to share some philosophy with Kubota.  "You know, there is an old saying.  If it wears lipstick or has spark is going to cost you money."

I glanced across the cab of the truck and saw a face bent with misery.  "Dad, it doesn't even have spark plugs.  Yet."

I sincerely hope that he is luckier at love.

That boy needs a job.


I only mention names when I have the very highest regard for people.

Frank Spica runs a food distribution center on the south side of Charlotte, Michigan.  I called him up and he re-arranged his day to come and pick pears.  We picked four, forty pound boxes that he was going to share with the "competing" food kitchens.  While helping him pick the pears I noticed lots of red, ripe tomatoes.  Some of those tomatoes went into this.

Chili cheese cornbread. 

About 40 minutes later.

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