Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pears, old paper and priorities

This will be a three part post.


The pears are ripe.  I concentrated on pears that are ripe enough to pick in the last half of September.  Weather has usually cooled down.  The length of the picking window is longer (Robust Process!).  And there are many delicious, productive, easy-to-grow (Robust Process!) varieties.

Yesterday, our former daycare provider came over and picked a couple of 40 pound boxes of Potomac.

Today I picked a 40 pound box of Concorde and a partial box of Shenandoah.

View from the bottom
One advantage to the lazy, no-spray approach is that it is bird friendly.
Box of Concorde with dollar bill as size reference.

Food porn?  Shenandoah cultivar.  I LOVE pears.
Gratuitous shot of heavy harvest
I took the fruit to my Mom and Dad who will share it.  While visiting, my Mom shared some documents that were uncovered while they prepared for their last garage sale (thanks Therese!)

A little family history:

My grandfather's Baptismal Certificate

My Grand Mother's Baptismal Certificate.  I was overjoyed to learn that my maternal Great Grandmother's maiden name was McGunn.  Literally, "Son of a Gunn"  No wonder I like things that go "Bang!"  Also, people from Hubbardston live longer because, in Hubbardston, there are 32 days in July.  Some months may even be longer.
My maternal grandparent's wedding certificate.

Until further notice:

Posts will be sporadic.

One reason I retired at such a young age is that family matters have been....interesting.

My wife and I realized that we needed more "Bench Strength" for when things were.....more interesting.

A family situation became "more interesting" and requires lots of extra, special lovin' from me.  So I will attend to my highest priorities and get back to you as I can.

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