Sunday, September 8, 2013

Biker chicks

Here is a picture of my honey and her new ride.
We took another two mile ride today.  Not very ambitious but very safe.

We also had further conversation regarding the plan for when there is traffic.  Ironically, while we were discussing this we were huffing-and-puffing up a hill, my knobby tires were buzzing...and we had a Buick sneak up behind us.

The discussion was clarification.  Mrs ERJ meant, "The person who is closest to the edge of the road." when she said "You." in the earlier conversation.  That is, the person closest to the edge should continue pedaling or even speed up while the person closer to the center line hits the brakes and dives for the "behind" position. 

Our likely riding order is to have me closer to the center line because I have better catch-up capability.  That will change when we are riding by yards that are known to have dogs that are "chasers".  Then I will ride in the position where the dog will have to get by me to get to Mrs ERJ.

I think her calves are shaping up nicely!
My Sunday morning weigh-in did not go well. That was with the scale with the poor repeatability.  The readings wandered three lbs in five minutes in one check.

 I went out and bought another scale and will have a Monday weigh-in on the new and improved scale.

While waiting in the check out line to pay for the scale I watched a woman who was solidly into her 80s unload a half dozen skeins of yarn.

I asked her, "So, are you a knitter?"

She replied, "No.  I crochet.  But that is almost the same thing."

Trying to be funny, I commented, "I did not know you were a hooker."

She looked startled; then conspiratorial.  In a stage whisper she replied, "Well, a gal has to do what she can to get by."

God bless mature citizens.

Gratuitous food picture.  These babies will be dried for later use.  Have you ever seen such a beautiful red?

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  1. Good looking gal. Makeup's a little overdone.

    Seriously, it's great to work out together.


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