Saturday, September 14, 2013

Welcome to my soap opera

Oldest daughter took another step toward full adulthood.  She called me up and told me that she had her own cell phone and plan and I could take her off ours.

I had some twinges of regret.  I did save very much money.  But Mrs ERJ is much wiser than I.  "She wants a new phone.  She can afford it.  It will build her self-esteem."  I almost always listen to Mrs ERJ.

Bella Donna broke down and gave the phone number of one of her guy-buddies to one of the clingy, creepy chicks who has been stalking him.  She just got worn down.  She had a moment of weakness.  Oh, and she is so forgetful...she gave creeper the number of her buddy's dad....the Marine.  Creeper efficiently fired off several inappropriate texts before Marine could respond.  I don't have a crystal ball but my guess is that this will not end well for creeper.

Back on the grass by  the time this picture was snapped.  Two dog on right have serious body language.

Mrs ERJ and I went for a walk around the block.  One of our neighbors dogs had pups and they were not able to find homes for all the dogs.  Consequently they have a mob of four Labs.  MOST of the time they are Johnny-on-it and keep them under control.  Today Mr had been cutting the grass and must have gone inside for something.    The four Labs followed us down the road and kept trying to get around behind us.  Mrs ERJ is up at the neighbors having a chat with them.  Next time I take pepper spray.

Kubota traded his Ipod for a go-cart frame.  He is as happy as a clam.  I am keeping my mouth shut.

Captain gave us a couple of dozen ears of sweet corn.  I am munching one now.  He has a steady clientele of Hmong (Laotian Mountain people) who buy cattle from him.  I took him over a 40 lb box of Asian pears (Yoinashi) to see if it was anything they have a use for.  I used to work with some Hmong.  Darn good people to have on your side when the chips are down.

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