Wednesday, September 25, 2013

In town run

Today's 4 mile "in-town" run went much better.

I started out hydrated.  Temp was 68.  Humidity was low.  I carried two, half liters of electrolyte.  My pace was about one minute a mile slower than yesterday.

Looking east down Greyhound Drive.  Kousa Dogwood in foreground.

Band practice.  I pretend they are playing for me as I run by.  They were playing something with lots of slinky sounding brass.  It sounded like this 

Running through the Softball and Tennis Complex
Running through the Soccer Complex.  I watch a bunch of soccer games here and even coached a few.
Running north down Smithville Rd.  Yup, those are oil wells on the left.
Trashy people are everywhere.  All they needed to do is call Grampa Ed at 663-8745 or Danny Hector at 663-8996
Disclosure statement:  I nicked an apple from this tree yesterday and it was delightful.  Probably a MacIntosh seedling.
After Picking by Andrew Wyeth....He captured it, didn't he?
West down Barnes Hwy.  I ran on the north side of the road today and it felt better.  Part of the reason is that the Mail Truck wore a path that widened the shoulder giving me a little bit more wiggle room.
Gnarly!  Sugar Maple limb by Hastay's Nursery
One of the many municipal Eaton Rapids boat launches.  This one on North River Street.
An old stone church.
A pretty girl walking her younger sister
A Buick Commercial.
McArthur Park.  Looking up-river
Another municipal boat launch
Finish....12 minutes early so I have enough time to screw around.  This church camp abuts the school complex and is a serene and peaceful place.  It is an ideal place for my cool-down walk, even though I probably smell like a wart hog's underarm.
There are about 50 charming gingerbread cottages like this one.
A Cathedral of White Oak.  Many campers park beneath these during the peak season.


  1. I'd like to slop off in that Oak cathedral with a .22 rifle.

  2. I will take a squirrel census tomorrow during my run. It looks like a good year for squirrels.


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