Saturday, January 31, 2015

Faux Pas, Eaton Rapids style

It is not often that I brag up the cultural and aesthetic refinements that are available in Eaton Rapids.

I stumbled into this one last night.  I had gone up to the high school to watch Belladonna play basketball.  She stung me for $8 which is a pretty good haul for 3 minutes of play time.  I am currently paying for rebounds, jumpballs forced, steals and blocks.  I am also paying for fouls she commits because she tries to play too "pure" and she is not playing intensively enough if she is not picking up a few fouls.  Mrs ERJ pays for baskets.

Eaton Rapids Winter Fest

Eaton Rapids presented the Winter Fest court between the boys and women's varsity basketball games.  The stands were filled with girls dressed to the nines.  They teetered about on their high heels like third graders on a new pairs of stilts.

The fancy dresses fell into two categories.  One type was loose and gauzy.  Those were typically in bright, fluorescent flower-tones.  In fact, those young ladies looked for all the world like walking bouquets.

The other type of dress is best described as "shrink wrap".  The dresses were short and tight.  By my fisherman's eye, many of those dresses showed 10" of thigh above the knee.  Those girls appeared to be uncomfortable.  They kept tugging the hems of those dresses downward.  My guess is they were feeling drafts in unaccustomed places.

Regardless, all of the young ladies were Fauxes and all the Mas and Pas were proud.


  1. Sounds like Belladonna is stepping her game up! :-)

  2. Sounds like Belladonna is stepping her game up! :-)

    1. Yes. She is playing with a lot of fire. I particularly like watching her on defense.