Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Me Too

"Show me the person and I will show you the crime"

The "Me Too" movement shows no signs of abating. In fact, it has grown to the level of an industry.

Locally, the football coach at MSU was accused by a woman of having an improper phone-call with her. She claimed that he was a pest and asked impertinent questions and self-gratified (without her permission) while she was conversing with him.

Mrs ERJ's take on the matter is that the woman should have hung up the phone and blocked his number.

The plot thickens. The football coach is in a unique economic situation. The university gave the coach a very long-term contract that pencils out to about nine-million dollars a year. That might have made sense if the coach was as successful on the field as the last coach (Dantonio) but the performance of the MSU football team has been mediocre and has been getting worse every year.

"Long-term contract" implies that there are very few conditions that will trigger an early termination. For example, there was no talk of terminating the coach when a group of his undisciplined players assaulted a football player from another team after a game (which MSU had lost). I guess that if you cannot beat the other team on the field during the game it is OK to beat them in a tunnel under the stadium afterward.

One plausible scenario is that the woman and the coach had a conversation. The woman then put the squeeze on the coach demanding money or she would go public. The coach refused (he might get many of these demands, who knows). She went public. The coach's lawyers (he can afford them) issued statements challenging the evidence (the conversations were private) which implied that she may have recorded the conversations without the coach's permission making them shaky evidence in a court-of-law.

Continuing scenario: The university saw a gold-plated opportunity to unload a financial embarrassment. "Don't let the door-knob hit you in the azz on the way out, coach."

The tin-foil crowd wonder if the entire skit was contrived and orchestrated by unhappy alumni who want a more successful coach.

A few take-aways

  • Nothing succeeds like success. 
  • Nothing fails like failures. 
  • Contracts are paper.
  • Regardless of how much/little you get paid, you still need to deliver more "value" to the enterprise than the cost of your employment.
  • If you get paid a metric shitton of money then you better deliver at least one-point-four metric shittons of value.
  • Pain can be avoided by keeping your mouth and your trousers zipped
  • Unlike most Me-Too claims, this one played out in near-real-time
  • Most Me-Too claims pop up long after the fact after the ravages of time make the discernment of facts difficult. That is, they violate the right to a speed trial.
  • Me-Too has the unfortunate outcome of reducing all women to powerless victims with no agency. The actresses who slept with directors did so with the hope of trading something-for-something. They were trading favors for lottery-tickets. They wanted exposure. They got it.
  • Another kind of Me-Too that is lurking out there are the children who were pawns in the hands of their parents who sought fame by pushing their kids into gymnastics, figure skating, cheer-teams, women's sports and summer camps. When the parent's primary role should have been protecting their children they looked at the top of Maslow's Hierarchy and said "My seven-year-old daughter needs to be in boot-camp".

I don't have a dog in this fight but it would be nice if the local university was not known for thuggish behavior after losing a game.

Note: I am not condoning rape or sexual assault. There are venues for addressing those issues. The Me Too movement is not that venue.


  1. Well, if I were the head of a company who was in charge of hiring - firing, I would likely have a strong inclination to avoid hiring a person who MIGHT decide to file a suit against me or the company. Could be a week - month - year - many years later and a person suddenly decides they feel their rights were violated and lawyer up.

    I would think the Me-Too movement would hurt women who want to advance in their field because of this but I may be wrong. I've got a daughter who will soon be completing her college education and seeking employment. Will Me-Too help or hurt her chances at finding a good job ? I don't know yet.

    1. The woman making the allegations is a consultant. She will probably see far more bookings from non-profits due to the exposure. I don't know if for-profits were a big part of her revenue but expect they will drop to zero.

      Enterprises are screaming for help. It is so pervasive that it is invisible. If she graduates with a major that is in demand then she will have zero problems getting several job offers. If she graduated with a degree that is not in demand (a Bachelors in Psychology, for instance) then she will get job offers to manage fast-food establishments.

      Furthermore, the Me-Too is not just women. Gay dudes and trannies can also amp-up the drama and use their victim status to leverage advantage out of organizations.

  2. Mee too has become the place where rejected women and vengeful souls take their revenge.

  3. Precatory statement: Obviously I'm an MSU Fan. I think Coach Tucker was doing an good job as head coach and was very excited for this season. I'm sad to see him go, and would have hoped he exercised better judgement for at least 1-2 more years before it was time to shove him out the door. In my opinion his seat was "not hot" in college football parlance. I also think, based on human beings being humans that his take on events is more plausible, but that he should be fired for cause anyway.

    I think this case has a few weird wrinkles, contractual and otherwise, that make it very likely Coach Tucker settles for ~10m, a mutual non-disparagement clause and walks away from litigation threats.

    Leading off his contract states that he may be fired for moral turpitude, non-traffic crimes or conduct that reasonably brings ridicule on the university.

    I would state the pattern of conduct like this: Coach Tucker had an somewhat lengthy extra-marital affair with a hired sexual consent speaker with a known pattern of trashing universities after working with them. Based on her pattern of behavior, the recent history of MSU (Nassar, the business college issue), and the near inevitable splitsville followed by angry recriminations that follows this kind of relationship it was foreseeable this would cause immense heaps of ridicule to rain down upon MSU.

    Putting it colloquially: I think he contracted away his right to stick his parts in (or engage in stress relief using them and a telephone) crazy. He elected to do so anyway, and the university is being mocked relentlessly for it.

    Now it is somewhat fair to say that part of the scorn is due to the investigation being leaked (almost certainly by the alleged victim), but I think even without that (or even if the investigation had wrapped up months ago and action been taking) his actions would have cloaked the program in ridicule and disrepute. Also, a large portion of the lengthy delay was (allegedly) Coach Tucker's attorney fighting for more time, either for legal reasons or simply because delay suits the client who was making 750k per month.

    Ultimately, this makes me think the university has a strong case, although many factors (prospect of facing discovery for example) make it unlikely this goes to trial and I think they settle around 10m.

  4. An interesting, and sad, case. It looks to me like both parties were idiots. Whether it should lead to job loss is a question I can't answer without more information.
    However, it is definitely a great example of what not to do, from either side!
    Way too many people think from below the belt in public... Keep private things private!

  5. As I've gotten older. I've seen the wisdom of the old British point of view espoused in Chariots of Fire - Athletics and money should not mix. Athletics should be for the development of the athlete (and primarily the character of the athlete). Once you inject money into it, you lose sight of the proper goal of athletics.

  6. I'm glad I'm out of anything to do with hiring or firing... And I'm VERY careful around women, just to be on the safe side.

  7. One thing you eventually find is that many of these old liberal bromides are completely false. The vast majority of spousal abus and wife beatings are a case of two idiots fighting, and the smaller idiot losing. Often the accusers have no marks to prove an actual physical assault.

    Likewise the vast majority of rape accusations are false.


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