Friday, September 22, 2023

Little bits and pieces

The vegetable drawer in the refrigerator is filled with apples. The refrigerator smells grand when I open the door.

The bottom of a Tashkent Quince

Do you know what you call the small depressions on the surface of a quince? Quince-dents!  I harvested some Tashkent quince this year and ate one. I cut it in half and cooked it in the microwave. It would have been better with sugar but it was edible without it. Tashkent is many times larger than Skorospelka. 

Olivet Trap Team

I met Jaben Chapman who is the coach of the Olivet High School trap team. He has 15 young men and 6 young ladies who signed up this year. Five of them also want to shoot skeet.

I made a small contribution to the team in exchange for some 20 gauge hulls that he had collected.

I asked him how Biden's recent ruling about defunding shooting sports impacted him.

He replied that it didn't impact them at all. The trap "team" is a club that is allowed to use "Olivet High School" in their name. The Olivet School District does supply any monetary support, not a single penny.

I asked him what kind of support would help him. His reply took me off guard. "If anybody in the area has some ammo they would be willing to sell us, it would be much appreciated." Apparently availability of 12 gauge target ammo is still a touch-and-go kind of thing. I was surprised is that he was very willing to PAY for the ammo and was not asking for donations.

I asked about firearms. He said that most kids have their own shotgun but the club has a couple of loaner shotguns for kids without the means or who just want to try the sport out.

If you want to help out the club, you can catch up with Coach Chapman at the clubhouse of the Centerline Shooting Range between 3:00 and 4:00 PM on Thursday before practice.


The sugar maple on the edge of the woods is coloring up. It must be fall.


No images of an actual dragon manifesting this particular affliction could be found on the internet, so you are stuck with a Golden Yellow Lab
I have not had a lot of energy this past week. No particular cause. I don't see anything pollinating so it is unlikely to be allergies. Just a case of dragon-azz.


  1. Well, hopefully you don't have worms... Roger

  2. It seems to be turning to Autumn here as well, if the trees and squirrels are any indication. Which is odd, as it is early than it usually should be.

  3. Mr ERJ Regards target ammo supply being spotty, SA Ammo has Winchester target 12gauge by the case. Over 200 dollar purchase ships free. I found them to be reputable. Allan

  4. Yellow labs, golden retrievers. Having owned and hunted behind both , golden lab is like fingernails on a chalkboard.

  5. Olivet had the first place female shooter at the last state tournament. Plenty to be proud of.


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