Saturday, September 30, 2023

Hey Grandpa, What's for supper?

Bean soup (small red and lima) with smoked sausage, sage, oregano and garlic. Plus some shredded carrots and diced potatoes.

We don't eat fancy but we eat good.

Bonus pictures

I pulled a row of Stocky Red Roaster so the row of Aji hot peppers can get some more sun. If you can believe the weather we have about one more week of good weather for warm-weather crops. These are the peppers I removed from the SRR.

This is the Aji pepper I am going to save seeds from. The other ones are weepy while this one stands upright with no help from me. It is supposed to be Aji Mango.

This is one of my Aji Pineapple. I had to prop the branch up for the photo-op. Very productive but late ripening. I think I will have the opportunity to see how well they ripen with the plants pulled up and hanging from the rafters.

Another row of potatoes. Not a very impressive yield but we had 8 weeks with no meaningful rain, I did not add fertilizer and (as usual) my weed control was lacking.

Suppose you were cold and hungry. Your wife was hungry. Your children and/or grandchildren were hungry. It is the middle of the winter. The ground is frozen. The stores are closed.

How far would you walk to bring back enough food to provide all of your family with one, hot, nutritious meal?

Would you be willing to walk four hours? How about two hours? Surely you would walk one hour if you had children crying because their bellies hurt and they could not keep warm for lack of calories.

That is one of the mental games I play when I am harvesting food an it is slow going. Maybe it takes ten minutes of digging to fill a five gallon bucket with potatoes. Twenty poof potatoes is several meals for an extended family. Ten minutes to fill a bucket is a much better deal than walking two hours to get that much food.

Keep digging, Joe. Keep digging.


  1. Walk?
    I thought you were a RUNNER?

  2. A blessed harvest, certainly. Be safe and God bless.

  3. Yep, you do what you NEED to do to put food on the table...


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