Monday, September 25, 2023

Alzheimer's in Women

Dipping into the CDC mortality data I find many anomalies in the data.

For one thing, elderly women have about a 30% higher death-rate from Alzheimer's than elderly men do. That is unusual especially since men are more likely to be smokers, drinkers or overweight.

It isn't just death-rate. A study in the Netherlands suggests that the Alzheimer's case-rate is five-times higher for women over 90 than it is for men of the same age.

OK, maybe that is due to the husband typically dying seven years before the wife (two years due to men typically being older and five-and-a-half years due to differing life expectancy). So maybe it is the lack of social stimulation effect during that seven years of widowhood.

But then white women have a 10% higher rates from Alzheimer's than black women and a 50% higher death rate than white-Hispanic women. That is both odd and it seems to contradict the protective effects of having a spouse as being the reason for the higher, female death-rate.

Sorting death-rate of white women for Alzheimer's by state seems to generate an "Ah-ha!".

By comparison, New England has crude death rates below 150 for women between 75-and-84 due to Alzheimers.

A graphic representation of the "Cotton Belt". The only state in the top-ten not in the Cotton Belt is Utah.
But if we test the pesticides-used-on-cotton we have to ask "Why does it impact women more severely than men?" and "Do we see the same patterns in black women?"
Looking at the same age group of black women, only five of the top-ten states for Alzheimer's for white women show up.

Asking the question that none dare ask

Is it possible that products used in beauty salons can cause Alzheimer's?

Can anybody speak to the possibility that elderly women in the South might be more likely to dye their hair and/or have a perm than women in New England?

I mention this because recent research has been investigating the possibility of the chemicals used in hair-straightening products (used by black women) being linked to cervical cancer.

Maybe the cliche of the forgetful, blue-haired old-lady driving fifteen under the limit in the left lane with her blinker on is not a cliche but actually an important observation. Maybe the old-lady is daffy because of her blue hair.

If true, it does not bode well for all of those social justice warriors with the rainbow-hair, does it.


  1. I am from Michigan. My husband was from Louisiana. We retired to Louisiana in 2012 and have lived here since. (He passed in April due to heart failure which I blame on the jab, even though he only had the first two.)

    I have never dyed my hair, though I did get a couple perms many years ago when we were stationed in California.

    I am, or was, just over 2 years older than my husband. We live on the property he grew up on. Next to the house he grew up in which God took from us in 2020 at the start of covidiocy. The property behind this house and across the street is still farmed. Last 3 years have been sugar cane behind and corn across the street this year. Soybeans, sorghum and cotton have all been in rotation.

    Lord willing, I hope to have more than 7 years left, unless Jesus comes back first.

    Not sure what this has to do with your post, but I felt I should comment.

    You all be safe and God bless.

  2. The diet (higher carb consumption) likely has a much higher impact.

  3. They eat catfish there too. And possums. And raccoons. And okra. Or maybe that's just a symptom of early onset.---ken

    1. 6 months from now, we might be wishing for all the above meals.

    2. Ya got that right. Maybe even sooner and be saving that possum/armadillo/turtle for a feast.--ken

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  5. I do believe the hair dye plays a part.

  6. ERJ, relevant subject to me. It is a very interesting correlation, one that will likely not be followed up on. Unless there is a grant involved.

  7. Science is still looking for a definitive cause for Alzheimer's/dementia. Could be caused by something as simple as a protein injected in the body from a mosquito bite. That would explain it's greater prevalence in the warmer wetter south than other areas. In truth we simply don't know, yet. We may never know for sure. Sometimes there is such a long time span between causative factor and pathological presentation that it's nearly impossible to tie the two together definitively.

    1. Did Alzheimer's rates drop after DDT was introduced? Or increase after DDT was banned?

    2. The death-rates due to Alzheimer's have steadily been going up. For white women, the death-rates in 1990, 91 and 92 were 139, 153 and 160 per 100k respectively. In 2018, 29, 20 (latest data) the rates were 248, 245 and 270 respectively.

      That is likely a response to the increased longevity. If you don't die from something else, eventually dementia will get you.

  8. I think the data shown is non-related. The blue-hair, driver not-so-good example is confusion of cause and effect. These kind of errors are deliberately introduced in all “gun violence” screeds, for example.