Friday, August 9, 2019

That was some ugly brass

I reloaded some 5.56X45mm NATO yesterday.

I used mil-pulldown brass that was already primed. It was a bargain.

I had about four percent "fall-out" when I chamfered the mouths. Most of them were dented. A few were cracked. Some were just butt-ugly.

I have no problems sharing my pet loads on the internet. I used appropriate projectiles and a suitable amount of propellant (7% less than load handbook max) known to work well in this application.

The OAL was a little shorter than usual as I crimped to the cannelure. I generally run at max OAL but the projectiles felt a little bit loose in the mouths so I wanted the insurance of crimping.


  1. Smart move. Once you have a good load for you gun, stick with it! :-)

  2. I'll have to try that load you gave out, definitely!

  3. other than growing things I can eat, reloading is my one true hobby. Seems we have at least two things in common.


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