Thursday, August 8, 2019

Complex interactions between Legacy Media and Social Fragmentation in three simple graphics

Two children engaged in mock-combat with stylized props.
One boy, noticing that the other boy's toy  is shinier than his decides that he needs to add a little something to out-do his rival
This is what happens when you let morons and unsupervised children play with matches in the barn
I hope this post was helpful.


  1. Or the pair decide to try out the uncle's cigarettes. My older brother showed signs of being gallant at a tender age by saying he was the one involved because he didn't want his partner in crime (female cousin) to get a whippin' too.

  2. Hey! I was one of those unsupervised kids in the barn. Literally. There was also archery, dry grass and flaming arrows. Later, one of the few times I wore a motorcycle helmet was when I crashed. God can work overtime protecting drunks, idiots and children. I can't imagine why I'm still under a protective umbrella, since I no longer drink. Oh...


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