Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Psycho-chick or Loonie Lefty?

Note the damage to the siding and that most of the fire damage on the bike is aft of the fuel tank.
My nephew was awakened by violent pounding on his door at 2:00 AM this morning.

It was a neighbor informing him that his motorcycle was on fire.

My nephew is a proud American. He proudly flies the American flag from his bike on weekends. He is vastly outnumbered by socialists in the dense-pack, city neighborhood where he lives.

It would have been more than sporty if the gas tank on the Jeep had been breached.

Arson used to be treated as the full equivalent of Second Degree Homicide.

The person setting the fire has limited ability to know if the structure they are setting on fire is vacant. Further, fires frequently spread in urban areas where structures are close together, such as in the Chicago fire of 1871.

Psycho-chick or Loonie Lefty?
Normally, I would give the nod to the psycho-chick but the odds of one of them carrying enough accelerant to do-the-deed isn't very high. Nor is she likely to have the equipment or know-how to rob some from the gas tank.

Because of the accelerant issue, it seems more likely it was a neighbor having a bad day who sloshed some gasoline from the can he keeps for the lawn-mower and touched it off.


  1. Just because the seat was burned does not mean that was the starting point of the fire. It looks to me like the bike was a VT500 Shadow. I googled to see if they are known for catching fire and didn't see any posts about it. But I found this post where a guy almost dropped his, fuel spills on the engine and the bike catches on fire. Interestingly, his seat was totally destroyed by fire despite the fact it wasn't where the fire started.

  2. edited to add: more likely the larger vt700. The gas tank looks odd. Is it aftermarket?

    1. I don't know and don't plan on asking. His bike was burned last night and he has other things on his mind.

  3. Psycho chick or looney leftie? How about BOTH.


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