Monday, August 19, 2019

Pretty mottos don't make Darwin disappear

An interesting development.

"Business" is no longer about combining inputs to produce outputs of greater value, in the eyes of the customer, than the prices of the inputs.

Business is about "delivering value to customers, investing in employees in ways that go beyond financial compensation to include training and education to ensure their skills are kept up to date, and embracing 'diversity and inclusion, dignity and respect.'"

Viewed from a different perspective, the purpose of "business" is to serve the whims of the government rather than serving private transactions between employees of the business and the customers of the business.

Presumably, those who invest in businesses will be compensated by the government to make any shortfall between the cost of the inputs and the price of the outputs.

What is left unsaid is the mechanism that will make up the lost value. Lost value is the difference between the value created by the "pull" mechanism of the free market and the value created when the resources are diverted into the cause-de-jure by the "push" mechanism of government fiat.

If the social justice warriors decide that more value is delivered to the customer, yada, yada, yada by planting every acre in the cornbelt with kale or chestnut trees and paying homeless people $150 an hour to pretend to weed them, who takes the whipping for the lost value when real customers turn up their noses at kale or hungry people wait ten years before the chestnut trees start to bear?


  1. Good question, and they DON'T have an answer...

  2. Gonna play devil's advocate... (I'm a devoted follower of Christ so this is awkward)
    Doesn't God want us to be stewards of more than our wallet? Aren't we supposed to look after widows and orphans and keep from being polluted by the world? Are we not supposed to look out for our servants? What they're saying sounds good, but... My question for them would be 'what's the motivation?' Is it true compassion? Or is it an attempt to fill a God sized hole with a counterfeit motivation? Maybe this can be used to lead people to Christ. How can a believer frame the conversation to enlarge the kingdom?

    1. Our wallet is a signal. If I get paid $6000 a day doing brain surgery and $60 a day digging ditches, my wallet tells me that I can do more good for the world operating on brains.

      Fine walnut burl makes decent firewood. The wallet fills the function of aligning quality of resources with the potential value of the output and delivers the minimum quality needed to reliably fulfill the application.

      If you watch the patterns of Social Justice Warriors, you have to draw the conclusion that it has nothing to do with justice. It has to do with creating the correct ratio of in-group members and mindless, wanna-be minions.

      It is not the salvation of Jesus Christ where everybody is called. It is the salvation of Charlie Brown trying to kick the ball Lucy is holding.

    2. If you've got the aptitude for performing neural surgery. Alas, equality of opportunity does not guarantee equality of outcome... Despite well wishes and good intentions. SJWs are a useless lot. I've not met one that was worth their oxygen!

  3. But, How can we steal their thunder?


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