Monday, May 20, 2019

Worst customer ever

I am in the running for "Worst Customer Ever" award.

I went into the cellphone store to have a 4G Smartphone I purchased activated. I activated phones in the past via the internet but this one needed a SIM card.

The young woman sitting on the stool behind the counter argued with me for four minutes telling me that it was not worth her time to turn on a phone that was more than three years old.

First she told me that the phone I brought in would not work with the cell phone provider who employed her.

I said that was not what the person who sold it to me said.

With a sniff she asked, "And who would that be?" expecting it to be some other geriatric.

I said it was a Top Rated Seller on Ebay with 19k reviews and a 99.9% good rating. He specifically said it would ONLY work with that carrier.

I asked her if she would try.

Then she went into the spiel about how she could activate it but it would just stop working in two weeks or a month. That she had activated hundreds of that particular model and every one of them died in less than a month.

That is when I decided it was more important to get my phone working than to ask pointed questions. So I did not ask "How could you activate hundreds of this model of phone if they don't work on your employer's signal?"  The other germane question is, "They all worked like gangbusters until you touched them and then they rolled over and died. I don't think the phone is the problem."

After she started on the same loop for the fourth time and did not move an inch toward the back to get a SIM, I told her that I did not come to the store to hear her opinions. That is when I told her to shut-up and just do her job.

Then she said that slagging phones sold by her employer were part of her job.

She was physically incapable of shutting her mouth and doing the job she had been hired to do.

It took her forty seconds to figure out how to install the SIM card in that particular model. "...activated hundreds of them..." my azz.

Friggin nineteen year olds.

Expect to see a picture of me captioned Worst Customer Ever

Oh, by the way, the phone works.


  1. Damn...Which Best Buy you go to? The one in East Lansing? Sounds SO familiar!

  2. I hope you take the opportunity to text her regularly to remind her that the phone is still working. Hourly would be good.

  3. I hope you 'educated' her boss on her attitude...

    1. I didn't educate her boss. After the second redirection she did mostly shut up and get on with it.

      The two cardinal sins of control theory are excessive correction (gain) and lag-time.

  4. I must be a worse customer than you I would have asked for the store manager and/or ask if there was anybody in the store who was capable of doing the job.

  5. I went into the mall to see about another prepaid cell\data acct today.

    I had Virgin 4G prepaid for 2 months last fall then tried Lucky 3G after that. I dropped it after a month. I saw no difference between them except Lucky was more data and cheaper.

    So I asked about Virgin 4G prepaid in passing and she said prepaid is 3G not 4G. I was not told that when I got it. Little wonder I saw no difference. So that was at least $50 wasted for half the data of Lucky. You have to have a plan to get 4G.

    I can get 4gb for 40 or 6gb for $45 from Lucky.

    These cell providers are a real piece of work. Getting the truth is like getting it from Trump.

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