Saturday, May 25, 2019


It is hard to be in South Texas and not think about assimilation.

The gravity model of a planet pulling material into its orbit comes to mind. The space rocks' trajectory changes much...and the  trajectory of the planet is also influenced.

Somebody broke into a truck in the hotel parking lot last night. They looted food out of a cooler and stole a pair of boots. Draw your own conclusions.

Another guest at our hotel had a very stressful encounter with the law because she shared a first, middle and last name with a notorious frequent flier.

Thinking about middle-school kids who just want to fit in. The reason they turn into zealots is because too many of them fail and are humiliated. Much of this is due to grandiose expectations.

Assimilating is an issue to important to leave to the experts.

I don't think South Texas has all the answers. There are too many pawn shops and bail bondsmen and payday loan shops as evidence of economic stress.  But I see huge amounts of new business formation and polite, civil relations between black, white, hispanic and snowbirds.

That said, if you are a knucklehead you can still find somebody to knock your teeth out.

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  1. Never a shortage of knuckleheads.
    Kind of an argument against evolution.