Sunday, May 5, 2019

Investing in people

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It is an article of faith among the Progressives that education is good and that graduating lots of 'really smart people' is the best way to jump-start an economy.

Can you explain to me, Governor Whitmer, why sinking money into Michigan's public Universities is a good investment for me as a Michigan taxpayer?

According to this source, the average Bachelor's degree costs the state $60,000.

Given the lower student-faculty ratio and intensive laboratory useage, one would expect the cost-per-year for a Masters to be double that.

Why should Michigan pump a hundred thousand dollars into a "really smart people" and educate them just so they can move to California, Texas or Sodom-on-the-Potomac?

As a point of interest, 18% of my graduating class (MSU, 1981 Engineering) accepted jobs in Texas while 17% accepted jobs in Michigan.

It makes far more sense to reduce taxes and deregulate to stimulate business and job formation. The problem is not a shortage of educated people. The problem is a lack of jobs and strangled new business formation.


  1. Well, it doesn't help that the majority of the students at MSU at the time we lived in Lansing, Michigan('94 thru '96) were from out-of-state. Get your education, and then, go home.

  2. Defund U of M, MSU, EMU....
    Or treat them like service academies and demand local employment for 4 years.
    And have the schools cosign the student loans...